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Who we are

About us

Ciclofree’s history is inextricably bound to Giuseppe Montalto’s. Passionate about cycling and organizing cycling events, he has soon realized the fantastic potential that Sicily has to offer by combining cycling and tourism. Enriched by the experience he gained in this field both in different parts of Italy and abroad, he finally decides to combine these two elements into a successful marriage by establishing his own cycling-tourism company in 2001. Ciclofree soon makes connections and starts ongoing collaborations with well-known international agencies, organizing tours in different parts of Italy. Nowadays Ciclofree is an enterprise that owes its 15-year long success to some important key factors such as an in-depth knowledge of the territory, the passion in promoting our island, the active, on-going adjustment of supply in order to satisfy different markets and finally our attention towards constantly renovating our tock of bicycles to guarantee at all times a high quality level. All this is glued together by our attentive and experienced staff that never fails to put the interests of our guests at the centre of their attention, by looking after them and by making them feel the most welcomed guests of our island.


  • Giuseppe

    To build a profession around my strong passion is exactly what I have done with Ciclofree. My experience as a cyclist has allowed me since I was very young, to gain a wide knowledge of the bicycle and, on the other hand, to explore the territory thanks to the races I competed in every part of Sicily.
    It’s with the use of these two simple ingredients, along with my desire to promote my homeland and a good dose of entrepreneurship, that I set up Ciclofree in 2001. I dared in a time where cycling tourism was not yet popular in Sicily but I guessed right since I have hardly taken a day off since!
    My very extensive knowledge of the Sicilian roads makes it possible for me to guide you along the most suitable routes to your needs.

  • Iris

    Austrian by origin, Sicilian by choice. My passion for traveling brought me into the tourism industry – it was the perfect way to travel the world and stay in other countries for longer periods. When I moved to Sicily in 2001, I was lucky enough to be able to continue to work in tourism. Among other things, I have organized classic tours and day excursions in Sicily. In 2010 I started to cooperate with Ciclofree. Just some translation here and there and some correspondence in the beginning, but it did not take long until I got really curious about this niche. I was so fascinated that I got back on a bike after many years. Now I work full time at Ciclofree where I run the office. But as soon as I get the chance, I happily leave my desk to guide one of our day excursions or week tours. One of the things I love most about my job is being in contact with our guests and to inspire them with my passion for Sicily.

  • Peppe

    Cycling is my strongest passion. For this reason, I have taken part in
    several races, collecting a few trophies too. Nowadays I provide my
    mechanical experience on two wheels to Ciclofree, focusing mainly on the
    maintenance of the bicycles. It’s my duty and pleasure to assure that
    your trip on the saddle will run smoothly by solving potential issues
    that may arise with prompt action. When I shut my precious toolbox, I
    dedicate my time to looking after our company’s storehouse.

  • Davide

    I am the newest entry into the staff, business administration graduate of Catania’s University, eager to implement my studies. Within Ciclofree I juggle between the maintenance of the bicycles and the management of the website and the social media marketing, never refusing a chance to exit from the office and go cycle with our guests. Young and dynamic, I have more hobbies than time to put them into practice. Among these, I love beekeeping, computer science and technology, rock climbing, trekking, and obviously cycling. From one stage of your tour to the next or during a transfer, I will probably pass on my enthusiasm and entertain you with some interesting facts on our beloved island.

  • Daniela

    I love cycling, travelling, writing and taking photographs. The background for these passions of mine is the island I was born in. After twenty years spent working in London and trying to explore the world as much as I could, Sicily has become my home again. Working as a cycling guide has combined all these pieces together and allowed me to share the love for the history and landscape of my country with the groups I have the pleasure of riding with. In 2015 I cycled the perimeter of Sicily, wrote a diary of my journey, took many photos and I have published a book titled “A fork in the road – Cycling around Sicily”. Besides my personal journey, I recount parts of the history, anecdotes, and landscape of the island.
    Who says work has to be boring and predictable?

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